Dear Innovator,

You don't have to go it alone.

Our Story

Most consulting firms and service providers frustrate me.

I know that sounds crazy coming from someone working for a consulting firm, but I was in your shoes not too long ago.  Not a day passed when I didn't get 3 to 4 cold calls from sales people rapidly slinging their firm’s services as fast as they could.  I got spammed relentlessly from people I didn't know with companies I’ve never heard of all proclaiming they were the best, fastest, cheapest.  Same marketing approach. Same value proposition. Same business model.  Of course, they all claimed to be "innovative" or "cutting edge".

I wanted a partner who was honest and pragmatic--not a "yes man" who'd say anything just to get in the door.  I wanted someone who understood the innovation cycle and how difficult it is to get that flywheel spinning within existing corporate constraints.   I wanted someone who understood first-hand my battles, exposed areas, frustrations and limitations.  I wanted a partner who saw a small proof-of-concept engagement as just that--to help me prove a concept and build a business case--not as a necessary nuisance to win bigger deals.  I wanted a partner who was transparent, nimble, modest, experienced and fun to work with.

Perhaps others had my same frustration? What if I were to create the type of partner that I wanted?  In April of 2016, Applexus Technologies gave me an opportunity to start this experiment now know as Applexus Labs.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m the only one who was frustrated. This experiment may be a total failure.  But, I know if I came across a firm like us when I was in your seat, I would probably give it a look.


Our Strategy

Applexus Labs is a division of Applexus Technologies, a global company which has been providing business consulting and services to retail, fashion, consumer products and other strategic industries.  We've been around for over 10 years, nurturing strong partnerships with companies like SAP and IBM as well as earning the confidence of customers like Newell Rubbermaid, Home Depot, Weyerhaeuser, Discount Tire, and UnderArmor.

Applexus Labs is run as a small startup within the larger organization.  As such, we're able to take on projects that would normally be considered too niche, too risky or too specialized.  

Proof of concepts, rapid prototypes and creating unique value from emerging technologies are right in our wheelhouse.

Our Focus

Cloud Integrations

The single most important enabler to quick innovation is using Cloud assets smartly

User Experience

Well-designed user experience can increase efficiency, reduce overhead and create competitive advantage.

Design Thinking

A framework that helps create truly customer-centric solutions by focusing on the right things

Agile Methodologies

Quick iterations with tangible output in every cycle demonstrates value-creation and increases stakeholder engagement

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Our Partners

Our Leadership


Ramakrishna (RK) Yadavalli

A technology professional with 21 years’ experience in small & medium organizations. RK thrive's in an innovation environment bringing a strong mix of technical and product development skills along with the ability to identify novel solutions to existing problems. The best way to show someone something is by doing it, therefore RK is a strong believer in rapid prototyping and trial development.  As such, RK has significant experience in delivering these solutions inside large regulated businesses.

Sam Mathew

Sam is the Founder and CEO of Applexus Technologies.  Innovation has always been a part of Applexus’s global strategy through Sam's leadership and guidance.  Starting Applexus with the vision of serving the needy, his strong passion to contribute to the betterment of the society has paved the way for Applexus to generate sustained revenue to serve the marginalized of the society.  Sam is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate, passionate technologist and is based out of Applexus Corporate Office in Seattle, USA.


Scott Pletcher

Scott has been in the IT industry for 25 years, starting at the very entry-level as a PC repair tech while working his way through college.  Over the years, he's had the opportunity to work across a variety of IT roles and industries.  For the past seven years, Scott has focused on Omni-Channel technologies and Innovation practices in the Retail industry.  If Scott ever made it onto Jeopardy, his dream categories would be "80's Metal Bands", "Craft Beers of the Northwest", "Kevin Smith Movies", "Jason Isbell Lyrics" and "American BBQ Styles".

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